2021 / 16mm / 100 mins

WRITERS Patt Sukmongkol, Max Jacoby

One year in the life of a Thai expat living in Amsterdam, shot in the rhythm of one day each month.

This is an ongoing project where every month we shoot one day in the life of this imagined character. The concept is that over the course of one year (May 21 - May 22) we shoot 13 different days. Each day comprises of 18 shots. From one month to the next, the shots are always exactly the same, but what happens inside of them is always different. Sometimes it is a lot different, sometimes hardly at all.

It’s a slow, mediative film about a Thai expat who lives far away from her family and her roots. It captures the smaller events of her life, time passing, seasons changing, relationships evolving, plants growing and dying. A film about the repetition and variation in one person’s everyday life.